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Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans is a type of infection that affects the digestive system and this infection spreads to all other parts of body. This is a parasite which attacks the intestinal walls of the human body and this stays in the internal organs permanently. Due to Candida Albicans men and women have to face a lots of health problems.

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The various health problems created due to Candida Albicans is because this parasite attacks different parts of the body. Candida Albicans produces a lot of toxic substances, and this in turn can poison different parts of the body. Because of the toxins created by Candida Albicans parasites, the immune system become weak along with it the lungs, the brain, kidneys, the liver, the bladder also becomes weak. Finally nervous system is weakened which is very important for the body.

Candida Albicans enters the gastrointestinal wall as a long and root like structures.  The every construction of this fungus makes it possible for it to break down the protective barrier present in between bloodstream and intestinal tract. Because of this breakdown toxic material may enter the blood stream which in turn is very harmful to the body.

The break down of barrier causes problems as proteins and food wastes are fully digested into the system. Due to poor immune system this causes health problems and allergic reactions. 

Candida Albicans found in blood stream slowly finds its way towards other tissues in body.  . Because of this one may have to face various health problems like sinus, chest infections, skin problems, swelling of the joints etc. Due to Candida Albicans one is also likely to suffer from a heart attack.  Most of the time, one is not able to diagnose the heart attack resulting in death.   It is only after death and a post mortem that reveals the cause of death as due to Candida Albicans. With the help of the blood stream Candida Albicans reaches to the heart.

In recent days it has been found that vaginal yeast infections are on the rise.  . Unless this yeast is not eliminated or removed from intestinal area it continues to grow rapidly. Candida is also transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Candida infection enters into the digestive system and it absorbs all the nutrients. Group of people who are likely to suffer from this infections are the older people, cancer patient, HIV patients.  They will not get nutrients because of Candida.

Only 50% of the food eaten can be digested by patients suffering from Candida parasite. Other 50 % of the food is absorbed by Candida parasite. Candida parasite creates chaos in intestine wall.

Weakness and other infections are created in body due to Candida parasite. Candida parasite affects all the parts of body.

People infected by the Candida parasite may suffer from iron deficiency.  . Candida parasite has the ability to stops oxygen from entering into the tissues. The ethanol produced by Candida parasites is the major reason for fatigue.  This leads to loss of strength and tiredness of people suffering from infections due to Candida parasite. The ethanol created by Candida parasite destroys enzymes, which are necessary for the body cells.


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